13 Mar 2020

Take a leap of FAITH

Its an interesting time, (and some would even say distressing, if we’re honest), we find ourselves in. The media is fraught with only bad news, and the daily sentiment – human to human – is that it’s really hard out there. Financial, business and personal woes are rife, and the daily struggles are real. We find ourselves battling to keep our chins up and our spirits high, as we navigate the head winds. But we believe that this is when the true strength of the human spirit is seen. This is when the depth of your values has merit. This is when a solid plan, and a futuristic outlook comes into its own. This is when we see growth galvanised. This is when we are inspired by the power of our people. This is when we have the opportunity and arguably, the responsibility, to drive hope.

Marc Ashton’s article, was even used in the President’s recent address. The increase in fan members in the #ImStaying movement, as well as the GoodthingsGuy award of best blogger of the year, it’s a testament to our belief in our country and the determination of its people to make it work. We believe that too. Wholeheartedly.

Sipho Pityana, was quoted as saying that SME’s are a “critical component of an inclusive economy”. The SME sector employs 47% of South Africa’s workforce and contributes more than 20% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and pays about 6% of corporate taxes”.

Faith and Fear is proud to be an SME, playing our part to make the economy work in whatever way we can. We believe it takes equal amounts of Faith and Fear to weather the current socio-economic climate. Faith in your ability, a higher power, the process and in your experience. Fear of the lack of future readiness, purpose driven strategy, and the inability to be agile. These two words are the core values that drive who we are, us as a business, and those that we serve.

Keep the Faith.