12 Apr 2022

The Brave Collective – 10 March 2022 Event

Can you believe that it has been little over a month since we last met, opened our hearts and had a big cry?

If March is anything to go by, this year of the Tiger, is certainly going to let out her roar! Thank you so much to all those who joined us, and for your vulnerable sharing and valuable feedback on the day – overwhelmingly we heard (and felt) that it was refreshing to be able to have a safe space, where we could find belonging, and take the time to let it all out.

Fear, anxiety, purpose and acceptance were big themes, and you’ll remember that Taryn spoke about Fear, and that instead of trying to overcome or conquer that fear, she became friends with it (good old Frank). And to Frank we say “you are welcome here, we acknowledge you, with you we see our shame, our anxiety, our loneliness, our self-loathing, our imposter syndrome, our self-doubt and our pain. Frank, You however, may not speak, you may not interject, and you do not have the final say!”

And so, in forging this relationship with fear, we are able to achieve our greatest successes, fight our biggest battles, and curb the daily anxieties that seem to pop up everywhere. Essentially by using fear as a guide or a check-in point to re-evaluate life at that point, in that anxious moment and look at our values, comfort zones, and double check that we are not floundering in the mediocre, but in fact, that we are finding our way towards our purpose and joy!

Vusi Thembakwayo recently uploaded a podcast on Fear, and he too agrees that building a relationship with our fear, is the best approach to overcoming it. He says, “you can’t conquer something you don’t understand. So actually you should be spending time trying to understand your fear by knowing what it is, where it comes from, and why it makes you feel that way”.

So let us embrace our change and make friends with “Fear-Frank”, as change is nothing but leaving one part of us behind to give ourselves space to grow and leave the shell that doesn’t fit us anymore. 

Thank you for allowing us to both overcome our greatest fear and find absolute joy in putting on this event and fostering The Brave Collective! Together, we make a difference.

May you continue to be blessed!

All our love

Taryn and Perri


The Brave Collective will be BACK!

SAVE THE DATE: 11 October 2022


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