29 Nov 2022

Embracing a 2023 primed for success

23 is a Prime Number. This means it’s only divisible by itself and 1. That’s it. It’s also why, throughout time, there have been societies dedicated to the mysteries and magical powers of the number 23.

John Forbes Nash, the American Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who you may remember being portrayed by Russel Crowe in the film a Beautiful Mind, was obsessed with 23. He believed it played a unique role in human relationships, for personal health and life order. You can see its importance throughout his work, including the fact that he published 23 scientific articles during his life and that he passed away on 23 May.

Courageous leaders please stand up

We are on the cusp of walking into an extraordinary year. If the mystics hold true, there will be special significance in the year ahead, but even if they don’t, there’s no doubt it will be a year that requires us to lead with courage.

Courageous leaders are brave, they have heart, spirit and exceptional intellect. They have the emotional capacity to weather drastic changes. They take risks and face difficult problems head on. They are creative, allowing them to look at old and new challenges alike with fresh eyes. They are able to make objective analyses, select the most effective strategies, motivate people at their maximum capacities and act under high uncertainties.

They embrace the power trifecta: clarity, consistency & discipline: 

Clarity helps others know, like, and trust you. Having clarity also enables you to align your goals with a plan to achieve them.

Consistency is about aligning and maintaining your “voice,” giving all of your communication a familiar (and therefore comforting) feel.

Finally, without discipline, you run the risk of trying to be all things to all people. Happiness, success, and fulfilment stem from focus. Stay true to your truth.

Clear eyes, open hearts

Our number one goal in these last few weeks is to thank you for 2022, the milestones we have achieved together and the connections we have forged.

Our wishes for you this festive season are to:

  • Eat to your heart’s content
  • Find gratitude in life’s “little moments”
  • Laugh until your belly jiggles
  • Dance like no ones’ watching
  • Gather together with the people you love

And above all, we trust and hope that you get some much needed rest! Our teams will be doing just that from 15 December – 9 January 2023.

Love always,

Taryn and Perri