Our people



Taryn Hunter Sharman
Chief Founder.
Creative Catalyst.


Taryn tells it to you straight. And sometimes (okay, many times) it won’t be what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear. Always thinking about the big picture, her keen insight becomes the catalyst for the change you’re looking for. Taryn has great depth of life and business experience which fuels her ability to reshape, rediscover and rethink the ordinary into the extraordinary for businesses and brands.


She’s always had a growth mindset. During her 12-year tenure as the Managing Director of successful integrated marketing communications agency, Ebony+Ivory, she was named runner-up ‘Business Woman of the Year’. Unsurprising, considering Taryn built a team of 40 (a 100% growth over five years) and took the firm’s turnover from R20-million to a record-breaking R70-million, in just two years.


“They say it can’t be done. We go ahead and do it.”


In 2015, she launched Faith & Fear – a new-breed, highly adaptable marketing consultancy that combines highly strategic thinking with smart creative. A specialist in branding and marketing strategy, from start-ups to through-the-line campaigns, she adds invaluable insight and intellectual acuity to any challenge. Oh, and she likes her coffee strong. Very strong. No, even stronger.

Perri King
Corporate Wrangler.


Perri is hard to pin down in a short bio. But let’s give it a try: Motivated. Dedicated. Enthusiastic. Add in a genuine passion for people, absolute contempt for mediocrity, and the ability to rapidly adapt to new challenges and opportunities, and we’re getting closer to capturing who this firecracker really is.


“Growth never comes from doing the same things over and over again. If you’re ready to take the leap, we’re ready to help your business fly.”


From starting her first business at the tender age of 10, Perri was accepted into the Deloitte intern programme and worked her way up to a Marketing Manager position in just five years. She’s been integral to facilitating the growth of Faith & Fear from a one (wo)man band into a multi-million Rand international agency. To say Perri thrives on a challenge would be a complete and utter understatement.


Her experience on both client and agency side, give her unique insight and understanding. She hits the ground running with new projects and never takes her eye off the end goal. Her infectious ‘Hells yes!’ attitude and sense of humour also don’t hurt – especially on Monday mornings.

Kirsty Sharman
Growth Marketer.
Co-Founder of Aerialscoop.


Recognised as one of the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans to Watch, Kirsty co-founded Girl Geek Dinners Johannesburg, and was responsible for launching one of the first online media buying agencies in SA (which later merged with Webfluential in 2015).


A serial entrepreneur, she built Survey On Social as a side-hustle in 2017. The terms ‘bottled lightning’, ‘maverick’ and ‘insomniac’ may spring to mind when it comes to Kirsty (and they wouldn’t be wrong).A self-proclaimed geek with a passion for getting to the top of the digital world and staying there, Kirsty’s online more than she’s offline.


“If I take someone’s money and spend it, I want both of us to know exactly what I’m doing with it.”


She’s constantly looking for ways to use technology and data to do things differently. Currently based in Amsterdam, the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’, she’s working with her team at Aerialscoop to build a growth advisory tool to help companies grow faster, smarter.