Growth hacking is not a buzzword. It’s not a fad. It’s about uncovering growth opportunities at every point of your customer journey – giving brave businesses the competitive edge. It’s a new, powerful way of growing your customer base by using fast-paced experimentation and data-driven insights. It’s everything effective marketing should be.

The Faith & Fear growth consultancy is founded on proven methods and leading-edge tactics that deliver results. And it all starts with focus. We focus on your most pressing business challenges and tailor solutions geared to solve them – whatever form that may take.

Have something worth growing?


Growth hacking isn’t simply a quick fix. It involves taking a holistic view of your business, your product and service offerings, and your existing and potential customer base. We know that true growth is only sustainable when you have a product or service people want. So, our process starts with a deep-dive analysis of your business, your offerings and getting feedback on what your customers really want.

Brace yourself for brutal business honestly. In deciding where your biggest growth opportunities are, we look at every aspect of your business. That’s why we work with clients who are open to hearing the unfiltered feedback that matters – and acting on it.

Ready to take the leap? Here are some of the growth hacking services we offer:


Following an immersion session to understand the unique challenges faced by your business, we dive deep into the data to figure out where the opportunities for growth exist, and what strategies will work best.

Whether it be followers, revenue, market share, customers, clicks or conversions – we help you find the best way to get the growth you want.


We help you find and leverage the right audience to help hack your business growth through powerful word-of-mouth and referral marketing. By knowing who you need to convince, we can better focus on how to convince them – and retain them. Even in the digital age, there is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth.


We take a deep dive into your consumer journey – fully immersing ourselves in all the data at every point. Our process helps to identify what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to be optimised to get you better results. By using strategic A/B testing to analyse the efficacy of messaging and creative, we’re able to dramatically reduce your cost per conversion – giving you better results for your spend.


With a plethora of organic and paid tactics available to grow your brand digitally, it’s easy to waste money. The Faith & Fear approach will make sure your paid and organic growth tactics are aligned to your business objectives. We’re able to experiment and pivot quickly, to gather the right performance data to make all marketing efforts as effective as possible.


Your content is only as good as the distribution plan behind it. And a spreadsheet with a spray-and-pray approach isn’t going cut it. We get the right content in front of the right people by creating distribution plans backed by analytical data, micro-influencers, publisher networks, and other proven organic and paid media tactics for your specific content and audiences. No cookie-cutter anything here.


We use data to understand each of your users and to keep them engaged with your product or service continually. By creating event-driven automated communication tools, we can create the type of user engagement that impacts your bottom line.


Constantly bringing in new users if you have high customer churn will not bring you sustainable growth. We help you understand what your customers want, so you can better upsell, cross-sell and unlock consumer value over time.


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