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Achieving growth

takes the perfect blend of


in your vision, mission,
purpose, team, and solutions.


because everyone has a plan
until they get punched in the

The power of &

Nothing great takes place in comfort zones. Stepping out, facing the fear, and having faith in the outcomes that the right team and strategy can achieve is where the magic happens.

We’re Faith & Fear, and we have a proven track record in taking risks that pay off with the right results:

Seasoned marketing and communications specialists

Internal stakeholder and change management

Business strategy development and execution

New business and sales support

Design, content, activation, development and innovative execution

Meet Taryn and Perri,

the head and heart of
Faith & Fear

Taryn is fearless. She has navigated the challenging terrains of the advertising world with unwavering determination and takes every challenge head-on.

Perri brings faith to the equation. Where others see roadblocks, Perri sees opportunities.

Together, this dynamic duo has over 20 years’ strategic marketing and communications experience in the finance and insurance sectors and have worked with the biggest finance brands in the country.

Faith & Fear is built on the belief that when you work with the best, you deliver the best. Over the years, Taryn and Perri have carefully curated a team of experts in their individual fields. When a team of senior consultants, creatives and writers take on a project, 1 + 1 = 10.

Out with either/or… in with

Faith & Fear brings a holistic and comprehensive strategy to each project. We believe that a strategy born solely from faith might lack practicality, and one driven by fear might lack innovation.

When you work with us, you don’t need to decide between one choice or another. Business doesn’t need to be about ‘or’. The world is moving too fast. There’s no time for or. To succeed, it’s time for &.

Brands that have faith in us


Ready to take the leap with us?

We’d love to show you what’s possible when you take
smart, calculated risks with a team who always delivers rewards.

We’ll walk the walk with you to get your business
exactly where you want it to be.

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